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Super Crossword


Game #3275

Top prize: $50,000

Prizes Available: $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, $100, $500, $2,500, $5,000, $15,000, $50,000

Overall chance of winning a prize: 1 in 3.6

2ChanceAvailable with 2Chance

Game #3275


1. Scratch to reveal all twenty (20) letters in YOUR LETTERS.

2. For each letter revealed in YOUR LETTERS, scratch that same letter each time it is found in any of PUZZLE(S) 1, 2 and/or the BONUS WORD.

3. If you have revealed 4 or more complete “words” in THE SAME PUZZLE, you WIN the prize found in the LEGEND that corresponds to the number of “words” found in that single PUZZLE.

BONUS WORD:  If you have revealed all five (5) letters in the BONUS WORD, you WIN the corresponding prize for the BONUS WORD. The BONUS WORD is not a word in the PUZZLES and is not used to determine prizes for the PUZZLES portion of the ticket.

BONUS:Two (2) ways to WIN:

1.  Reveal a prize in the BONUS section and instantly WIN that prize. You could WIN $5 or $10 in the BONUS section.

2.  Reveal a “” symbol in the BONUS section and WIN five (5) times your prize won in PUZZLE 1 or 2.

*You could multiply your prize five (5) times on selected WINS up to and including $500

*Only one prize can be claimed per PUZZLE.


A.  A “word” must contain at least three letters.

B. A “word” cannot be formed by linking letters diagonally, or by reading the letters from right to left or from bottom to top.

C. A “word” can only be formed by combining letters in an unbroken horizontal or vertical string of letters in the puzzle. A “word” cannot be interrupted by an unscratched letter(s) or a black space(s). A “word” must contain all the letters appearing in the particular horizontal or vertical string of letters. Only one “word” can be counted for each unbroken horizontal or vertical string of letters.

D.  Every single letter in a “word” must have been revealed in YOUR LETTERS section.

E.  “Word” means a word included in a list of words developed by ALC for this game.