Healthy Play and Self-Exclusion Policy 




The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (“ALC”) Healthy Play and Self-Exclusion Policy (“Healthy Play Policy”) describes the Healthy Play (“HP”) program, interactions with Players, and the tools and resources that are available both to Players, and, as well, to members of the public in Atlantic Canada should they decide to register as a Player on 

Note: A “Player” is an individual who has successfully registered on following verification that the person is at least 19 years of age and a resident of Atlantic Canada. A Player is not permitted to have more than one account.

This Healthy Play and Self-Exclusion Policy forms part of the Terms of Service for Capitalized terms that are not otherwise defined in this Healthy Play Policy have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Service. ALC may periodically update this Healthy Play Policy and will provide notification of any updates on, however, Players are responsible for remaining familiar with the terms of this Healthy Play Policy over time.




2.1 Tools, Resources and Information ALC’s Healthy Play Policy and HP program is based on, and has been developed using, research evidence, expert guidance and jurisdictional comparisons. It is supported by employee and retailer training, Player educational programs and initiatives and marketing programs. The HP program is designed to encourage healthy play with the goal of providing Players with tools, resources, and information they can use to help themselves make responsible and informed gambling decisions and to prevent and/or mitigate gambling-related risks and harm. 

Healthy Play is typically characterized by playing for fun and entertainment with an understanding of how the games work, being able to decide how much time to spend, and playing within a Player’s means. ALC’s HP program enables Players to choose a play experience that works best for them. ALC has a focus on measuring positive gambling-related beliefs and behaviours as an overall indicator of healthy play in Atlantic Canada.

ALC’s HP program offers a range of Player education resources, healthy play tools and resources, including the Self-Exclusion program (detailed below).


2.2 Player Responsibility Based on responsible gambling research and a policy in favour of empowering individuals, ALC’s policy is to minimize involuntary restrictions on Players. Instead, ALC’s HP program focuses on informing and supporting Players and on providing Players with tools to manage their own behaviour. ALC’s policy is that the choice of whether or not to gamble ultimately rests with each individual Player, and therefore the choice of whether or not to use any of the ALC HP tools or resources  also ultimately rests with each individual Player. Players at all times are solely responsible  for their gambling activities, on or otherwise. This Healthy Play Policy is not an acknowledgement of any obligation to Players on behalf of ALC to control, limit, prevent, or otherwise modify Player’s gambling behaviour, on or otherwise.

2.3 No Representations ALC makes no representation or warranty, whether expressed or implied (whether by applicable law or otherwise), in respect of ALC’s HP program, or any component thereof, or any HP or responsible gambling tools on, or the capabilities thereof. ALC will not be responsible for any losses as a result of or in connection with any Player’s use, misuse, or attempted use of any component of ALC’s HP program or any the responsible  gambling tools on




3.1 Information The HP resources and tools described in this Section 3 are available to Players on to support Players’ efforts to engage in healthy play behaviours, as well as learn about and understand their own gambling activity, patterns, and behaviours.

Players can find further information about the HP tools available on here and in the Play Responsibly and My Limits sections of My Account available after a Player signs into their account.

3.2 Player Education and Awareness Both Players and the public can access healthy play information and resources, including (i) information on game features such as prize structures, odds, payout percentages/return to Player and how the games work,

(ii) facts or “myth-busters” that dispel common gambling misconceptions, (iii) gambling risks and warning signs that could indicate a gambling problem, and (iv) problem gambling help resources. This information can be accessed in the PlayWise section on

3.3 Maximum Weekly Deposit Limit Prior to depositing funds to a Player Account, Players are required to establish a Maximum Weekly Deposit Limit, which will run each week from 12:00 a.m. Sunday to 11:59:59 p.m. the following Saturday (Atlantic Time). If a Player registers for an Account and establishes a Maximum Weekly Deposit Limit after 12:00 a.m. Sunday, for the week in question the limit will apply to 11:59:59 p.m. the following Saturday. Subject to any limits established by ALC, Players may increase their weekly Deposit Limit at any time; however, this increase will only take effect following a 24 hour period. Players may decrease their weekly Deposit Limit at any time with immediate effect.

Note: Promo Rewards do not apply towards the Maximum Weekly Deposit Limit.

Prior to setting a Maximum Weekly Deposit Limit, a Player has the option to view an instructional video explaining how the tool works and the intent of the tool to support Players in staying within their budget.

Annually, ALC will provide Players an on- screen reminder upon log in that will remind Players of the amount of their Maximum Weekly Deposit Limit and require that each Player confirm or update their limit, prior to the Player being able to resume playing Games. 

3.4 Daily Wager Limits Players can set a maximum Daily Wager Limit, in each Player’s discretion. Players will not be able to wager any amount on beyond the Daily Wager Limit each Player has established during each one-day period from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59:59 p.m. (Atlantic Time). Subject to any limits established by ALC, Players may increase their Daily Wager Limit at any time; however, this increase will only take effect following a 24 hour period. Players may decrease their Daily Wager Limit at any time with immediate effect. Bonus amounts and Promo Rewards wagered are not applied towards  a Daily Wager Limit.


3.5 Session Time Limits At any time, Players may set a limit on the total time they spend per session playing on Players will be notified via a pop-up reminder five (5) minutes before the Player’s allotted session time limit. A subsequent pop-up message will be displayed to Players one (1) minute before reaching the Player’s limit.

If the time limit Players set is reached for a session, Players will not be able to purchase, wager or play any Games on for the next 24 hour period (Players will be logged out of; Players can log back in but will not be able to purchase, wager or play any Games for the next 24 hour period).

The time for Session Time Limits begins following Players logging into their Account. Idle time between purchasing, wagering or playing any Game counts toward the accumulating time (including any time playing bonus or free game). The only point that the timer stops is when Players log out or are logged out of their Account.

Players may increase their Session Time Limit at any time; however, this increase will only take effect following a 24 hour period. Players may decrease their Session Time Limit at any time with immediate effect.

3.6 Mandatory Break in Play All Players are automatically logged off immediately after being logged in for a continuous five (5) hour period. Players are notified five (5) minutes and one (1) minute prior to this automatic log off and are responsible for completing any Game play prior to this automatic log off.

3.7 Session Time Enables Players to keep track of how much time they have spent logged onto

3.8 Session Time Reminder Players will be notified via a pop-up reminder every 60 minutes that Players are logged into Players must acknowledge this pop-up reminder each time it appears before Players can continue to use or interact with

3.9 Self-Assessment At any time Players can take or re-take a self-assessment test to obtain information about their gambling behaviour. The assessment is for informational purposes only (it is not a clinical assessment of any kind) and Player’s answers and test results are not accessed or stored by ALC. The results Players obtain from using the Self-Assessment tool may be different from results from the PlayWise Rating tool, as these assessment tools operate differently. Self-Assessment is self-reported based whereas PlayWise generates rating based on a Player’s actual play and related activities.


3.10 PlayWise Rating Players understand and agree that ALC, through an independent third party, does engage in play tracking and analysis of any Player who signs up for an Account on and, depending on Player activity on, a confidential risk rating may also be generated by an algorithm used by the independent third party. Players can access their risk rating in the “Play Responsibly” section of “My Account”. The PlayWise Rating information is for informational purposes only and is not a clinical assessment of any kind however it may be relied on for the purposes listed in the paragraph immediately below. 

Depending on a Player’s PlayWise risk rating, Players understand and agree that ALC may, but is not required to: (i) provide information to assist in promoting HP behaviour and/or available support resources, (ii) adjust marketing and/or promotional activities, (iii) tailor communications to and/or with Players for HP purposes (iv) adjust product offerings, and/or (v) make other adjustments from time to time as appropriate. Players understand and agree that ALC may use information from PlayWise for primary or third-party research purposes, in accordance with ALC’s Online Privacy Policy. 

3.11 Account History A history of transactions is available to Players in My Account. The history includes deposits, wins, withdrawals and game play history.

3.12 Breaks A Break is intended to provide a Player with a temporary twenty-four (24) hour break in Game play, should the Player decide to take a Break.

If a Player goes on a Break, the Player will be able to:

1. Sign-in to the Player’s Account;

2. subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, contact ALC and request to withdraw funds from the Player’s Account; and

3. access and use those parts of that do not involve making wagers and/or playing Games.

If a Player goes on a Break, the Player will not be able to:

1. deposit money into the Player’s Account;

2. play any Games (however Subscriptions purchased before the Break will continue); or

3. end the Break. Upon the expiration of a Break, the foregoing restrictions on the Player’s Account will automatically be removed without the requirement for any action by or notice to Players.

Players will continue to receive marketing and promotional material while on a Break .

See Section 4.1 for information on accessing Breaks.



4.1 Self-Exclusion

"Self-Exclusion" allows Players to take a break from playing any Games on by deciding to exclude themselves from being permitted and able to log-in to their Account and play Games for a period of (i) six (6) months; (ii) twelve (12) months; (iii) twenty-four (24) months; or (iv) thirty-six (36) months. An individual who has registered for Self-Exclusion from gambling on is referred to as a "Self -Excluded Individual".

Players may choose to enter the Self-Exclusion Program by accessing the Self-Exclusion link wherever it appears on Information regarding Self-Exclusion (and Breaks) can be accessed on the Self-Exclusion page in the PlayWise section on After signing in to their account, a Player can access Self-Exclusion (and Breaks) by clicking the Play Responsibly section followed by the Stop Gambling tab in their account dropdown, and also by clicking the 24 hour break and Self-Exclusion buttons on all game wager screens.

If a Player becomes a Self-Excluded Individual, the Player will not be permitted to sign-in to their Account during the period they have Self-Excluded. Players are never permitted to open another account, including Self-Excluded Individuals. 

ALC will return to the Self-Excluded Individual the balance of funds that exists at the time of Self-Exclusion, in accordance with ALC policies and this Agreement, and all Bonuses and Promo Rewards will be forfeited. Completed ticket purchases for Draw-Based Games and Subscriptions will not be refunded. In the event that a ticket for a Draw-Based Game purchased prior to registering in the Self -Exclusion program (including by way of Subscription) is determined to be a winning ticket, any Prizes associated with that ticket will be paid in accordance with ALC prize claim policies and procedures. If a Self-Excluded Individual has opted in to receive promotional emails, these emails will be disabled for the duration of the Self-Exclusion period subject to system processes. Communications that were in process before Self-Exclusion may continue to be delivered for some period of time. 


4.2 Self-Exclusion Reinstatement

A Self-Excluded Individual may return to gamble on after the Self-Excluded Individual’s chosen term of Self-Exclusion has expired, but only after viewing a responsible gambling video provided by ALC on in its entirety. The reinstatement process is not required for Breaks.


ALC uses a Social Responsibility Assessment (SRA) process to support alignment with ALC’s core values of offering products with integrity and responsibility. A key element of this process includes such things as ensuring healthy play tools and resources, as referred to in this Policy, are available to Players and ensuring that requirements such as session time reminders, mandatory breaks, and providing information to ensure transparency as how the product plays, prize payouts, avoiding gambling misconceptions, etc, are met.




6.1 Support Line ALC funds a Support Line for Players who call in to ALC in crisis. ALC displays community resource information and helpline numbers for those who may experience problems with their gambling.  See the Helpful Resources section on for detailed information.


6.2 ALC Customer Care The Customer Care team at ALC are trained in recognizing distress and when to use the Support Line.


6.3 New Brunswick Department of Health 

New Brunswick Addiction Services provides information, education and treatment to individuals experiencing harms from gambling, their families, and the community on gambling harms, recovery and self-assessment. They also have a Gambling Information Line: 1-800-461-1234. All calls are free and confidential.


6.4 Newfoundland and Labrador - Health and Community Services: Addictions Services

In Newfoundland and Labrador, Addictions Services provides assessment, education and treatment services for clients with gambling problems as well as their family members. Individuals can call 811 to speak to a registered nurse if they are experiencing a mental health and addictions crisis or would like mental health and addictions information and support. All calls are free and confidential. See the Helpful Resources section on for detailed community resource and support information.


6.5 Gambling Support Network (Nova Scotia)

In Nova Scotia, the Gambling Support Network (GSN) provides online and phone support for individuals who may have gambling-related concerns. The services are free, confidential, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An individual can reach the GSN via phone, chat and text.


6.6 Gambling Addiction Services (Prince Edward Island)

Prince Edward Island 's Addiction Services provides assessment education and treatment services for clients experiencing harm from gambling.


6.7 Prince Edward Island Department of Health and Wellness

Prince Edward Island 's Department of Health and Wellness provides information, education and support to individuals experiencing harms from gambling, their families, and the community.  A FREE and confidential 24/7 Gambling Support Line is available (call for yourself or a friend): 1-855-255-4255


6.8 ALC Employees As a condition of employment, all ALC employees are required to complete Corporate Social Responsibility training with Responsible Gambling/Healthy Play being a key focus area.



ALC and its advisors and service providers will continue to assess this Healthy Play Policy, including the PlayWise tool, as healthy play research and practices, and the online gaming industry, continue to evolve, and Players understand and agree that this may result in ALC making changes to this Policy.