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Responsible Gambling Tools and Features

From setting time limits to assessing how you play on, we’ve built some tools so you can keep within your game plan.


Play Your Way

From setting time limits to assessing how you play on, we’ve built some tools so you can keep within your game plan.

Tools to Play Your Way.


Control What You Spend

Every player with an account on needs to set a Weekly Deposit Limit before your first deposit/purchase. This gives you the opportunity to consider your spending and adjust things if needed. We’ll remind you on a regular basis to review your deposit limit. Your deposit limit can be decreased at any time.  

Manage What You Spend

You can set a Wager Limit to ensure you never spend more than your budget allows.

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Choose How Long You Play

We’ve all got lots of things to do each day. Setting a session time limit helps ensure a healthy balance between playing time and time for everything else. A pop-up message will notify you five minutes before your time expires and you’ll get another friendly reminder one minute before the limit. Once your limit is reached, you can’t make wagers for 24 hours.

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Check Your Play.


PlayWise Rating

It’s a good idea to check in with your playing habits from time to time. PlayWise Rating is the newest tool  and provides you with a personal play rating if you’ve been active on for 30 days or more. Your PlayWise Rating is calculated using information such as the responsible gambling tools you use, what games you play and how often, how much you wager, and any notable changes in these areas. You’re the only person who can see your rating.

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Take A Break Whenever You Need To.


Take a Short Break

A 24-hour break button is always displayed when you’re logged into your account. If you need a short break, choosing the 24-hour pause will prevent you from making wagers/purchases for 24 hours. Any subscriptions or advanced play tickets already purchased will play out as scheduled, you just won’t be able to make any new wagers/purchases.

Image showing 24 hours.

Take a Longer Break

Sometimes you need to take a longer break from play. The self-exclusion button is always displayed on next to the 24-hour break button on every logged in page. Self-exclusion allows you to suspend your account for 6, 12, 24, or 36 months. You won’t be able to sign in, purchase/wager play, or enter tickets until the exclusion period is up.

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Always on Your Screen When You're Playing


Your Session Time

Play for a good time, not a long time. Session time is always available and shows you how much time you’ve spent on in your current session.

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Your Account Balance

Allows you to keep track of your funds. Account balance shows you how much money is in your account in real-time.

Image of a piggy bank and a calculator.

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is all about enjoying the games and playing for fun and entertainment. From setting time limits to assessing how you play, we’ve built some tools on so you can keep within your game plan. Have questions about anything you’ve seen or need more responsible gambling resources? Check out our PlayWise pages or contact us for more information.