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Atlantic Lottery Winners Publicity Policy

At the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC), we’re committed to openness and transparency in every aspect of our operations. We recognize that it is fundamental for players to know whether the prizes that we promote have been won, and who has won them. That’s why we publicize our winners: it’s a crucial component of our commitment to social responsibility and fairness.

We balance this with winners’ right to privacy, so we only publicize the personal information of our winners needed to meet the requirements outlined above.

Specifically, this means we publicize winners’ names, hometowns, amounts won and photographs for one year from the date the prize was claimed. Apart from this and any other information volunteered by the winners, we will not divulge any other personal or confidential information. We also reach out to notify winners in advance of any planned or anticipated publicity involving them.

ALC Winners Information Publicity Policy






1.1 Philosophy

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) is committed to openness and transparency in relation to the winners of its lottery games, subject to its obligation to respect and protect the privacy and personal information of these winners. ALC recognizes that players have a legitimate right to know whether the prizes that we promote have been won and by whom and that publicizing winners for this purpose is required for ALC to adhere to its commitment to Social Responsibility. However, winners have a right to privacy and to the protection of their personal information after this obligation is satisfied. 

1.2 Objective

The objective of this policy is to provide clear and specific guidance in relation to the publicity of winners, including to external stakeholders. 

1.3 Scope 

The scope of this Policy extends to all ALC employees including all levels of management as well as the ALC Board of Directors. It applies to all verbal and written requests, both internal and external, for information about winners.

This Policy supplements, and does not supersede, ALC’s obligations under PIPEDA and/or provincial access to information and protection of personal information/privacy legislation, which legislation would be complied with by ALC. 

1.4 Definitions 

“winner” means a lottery player who has won and been awarded a prize by ALC in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations and conditions governing the lottery.

“publicity” and “publicize” refers to the dissemination of information or promotional material or paid advertising or information with news value, issued or produced as a means of gaining public attention or support and includes all media, including, without limitation, print, television, radio, internet, signage, digital or otherwise, and point of sale materials.



ALC reserves the right to publicize a winner’s name, hometown and photograph for a period of up to one year from the date the prize was claimed. ALC will endeavour to notify winners of planned or anticipated publicity involving them, as required.

ALC also reserves the right to invite the media to a press conference with winners. However, the Corporation also recognizes its obligations with respect to privacy and its role as a Socially Responsible organization and apart from the winner’s name, hometown and photograph, and any other information voluntarily provided by the winners, no personal or confidential information about winners will be divulged by ALC.

If ALC wishes to engage in winner publicity beyond that referred to above, including any winner publicity beyond the one year from the date the winner(s) in question claimed a prize, ALC will need express written consent from the winner in relation to the specific publicity planned or anticipated by ALC. Winners are not obligated to participate in any future publicity efforts beyond the one year period referred to above.

Other than as specifically provided for above or as required by law, ALC will not publicize or otherwise publicly identify winners or disclose identifying personal information of winners.



ALC retains the right to amend this winner’s publicity policy from time to time. The VP, Social Responsibility & Communications or designated SR & C official, shall monitor the effectiveness of the Winners Information Publicity Policy. Any significant findings will be reviewed and updates made when applicable.


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