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In accordance with public health directives, Atlantic Lottery’s video lottery operations (VLTs) began reactivation in those locations reopening under provincial economic recovery guidelines

VLT operations will be suspended in any area where public health directives require restaurants and licensed establishments to temporarily close.

We’re taking several steps to ensure the safety and comfort of our players, retailers and field staff as video lottery resumes, including:

Physical distancing

  • VLTs will be adjusted to ensure physical distancing requirements are respected. Based on the capacity of specific sites, Atlantic Lottery will work with retailers to either increase space between terminals (where possible) or activate a limited number of terminals to ensure a minimum six-foot distance.
  • Outline player areas on the floor and use arrows to identify traffic flow.
  • Remove chairs from any non-operational terminals to reduce gathering of players.
  • All public health directives regarding mask wearing must be followed while in the gaming area.

Enhanced disinfecting

  • Atlantic Lottery employees will be on-site to clean and sanitize all terminals, chairs and other surfaces prior to resuming operations.
  • VLTs and chairs will be further cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • Like all businesses, VLT locations will be required to pre-screen patrons before entering their locations.
  • Atlantic Lottery provided all VLT sites with an initial supply of hand sanitizer for employees and players.
  • Atlantic Lottery field staff will be equipped with appropriate PPE (masks and gloves), which must be worn while on-site and employees must sanitize hands prior to entering any VL location.

Communication and support

  • Posters will be provided to be displayed on-site to educate players and patrons how to play safely, reminding to:
    • Keep a six-foot distance
    • Sanitize hands
    • Only have one person at each VLT at a time
  • Signage on VLTs indicating any inactive machines.
  • Provide retailers with training and materials on how to properly clean and sanitize terminals.
  • Providing ongoing information and support to video lottery operators through CCC and field staff.

The safety and wellbeing of Atlantic Lottery’s players, retailers, field staff and the public at large is our singular priority. It will take approximately two weeks for all video lottery locations in each province to become operational as our field staff conduct training, deliver supplies and reactivate the terminals. This will also allow our field staff to work with each retailer to find the best solution for players and employees at their specific location.


Video Lottery

Video Lottery provides an interactive, entertaining way to play games of chance and win small cash prizes. You can find Video Lottery terminals (VLTs) in licensed liquor establishments like restaurants and bars across Atlantic Canada.  

The Video Lottery program in Atlantic Canada offers a variety of games, including reel games and keno. We add new games regularly to give players lots of choice.

Responsible VLT Gambling

Atlantic Lottery takes many steps to ensure a responsible gambling environment. For instance:

  • Responsible gambling training is provided to all VLT operators.
  • Several features are available on VLTs to help manage responsible play, including ‘time played’ reminders, mandatory cash-out at 150 minutes of play, displaying cash not credits, maximum bets and cash-in limits and more.
  • Voluntary features are available in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. These include the ability to set money spent limits, track historical money and time played, self-assessment tools and responsible gambling tutorials.

Payout Percentages

The minimum regulated payout percentage in Atlantic Canada is 80%.  This means that at minimum, 80% of all money played is returned to players in prizes, in varying amounts.  The payout percentage is higher than the actual cash-out percentage because consumers play the prizes they win in order to extend their play.

Games and Payout Percentages

Games are added regularly, so be sure to check back for updates.

Where do I Find Video Lottery?

Please call 1-800-561-3942 to find out which Video Lottery locations are nearest to you.