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Video Lottery

A fun way to play games of chance.

Video Lottery

Video Lottery provides an interactive, entertaining way to play games of chance and win small cash prizes. You can find Video Lottery terminals (VLTs) in licensed liquor establishments like restaurants and bars across Atlantic Canada.  

The Video Lottery program in Atlantic Canada offers a variety of games, including reel games and keno. We add new games regularly to give players lots of choice.

Responsible VLT Gambling

Atlantic Lottery takes many steps to ensure a responsible gambling environment. For instance:

  • Responsible gambling training is provided to all VLT operators.
  • Several features are available on VLTs to help manage responsible play, including ‘time played’ reminders, mandatory cash-out at 150 minutes of play, displaying cash not credits, maximum bets and cash-in limits and more.
  • Voluntary features are available in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. These include the ability to set money spent limits, track historical money and time played, self-assessment tools and responsible gambling tutorials.

Payout Percentages

The minimum regulated payout percentage in Atlantic Canada is 80%.  This means that at minimum, 80% of all money played is returned to players in prizes, in varying amounts.  The payout percentage is higher than the actual cash-out percentage because consumers play the prizes they win in order to extend their play.

Games and Payout Percentages

Games are added regularly, so be sure to check back for updates.

Where do I Find Video Lottery?

Please call 1-800-561-3942 to find out which Video Lottery locations are nearest to you.