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As a retailer partner, it is important that we offer you the tools and resources needed to successfully manage lottery.  As operator and retailer, we both have an obligation to conduct our business in a responsible way. 

The RETAILER ZONE has been designed to help you manage your daily lottery operations.  You can easily access retailer policies, current lottery information, training materials, sales tips, and much more.  


We’re proud to be the provider of fun, regulated gambling products for Atlantic Canadians, but more than anything, we’re proud to be an Atlantic Canada company, putting Atlantic Canada first.  It’s our job to ensure that gaming is fun, responsible and operated effectively.

We have a very diverse network of retailers providing our lottery games to players throughout Atlantic Canada.   We offer our customers a variety of products from instant games to draws, video lottery, sports wagering and online access to our products through


If you are interested in becoming an Atlantic Lottery retailer, check out our application process:

  1. Simply contact our Customer Care Centre by phone at 1-800-561-3942 or email to submit a request. Our agents are available Monday to Friday 7am to 10pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am to 10pm (Atlantic Time).

  2. Once we receive your request, an Atlantic Lottery Account Manager in your region will contact you to complete a site assessment.

  3. Lottery terminals will be placed with potential retailers depending on terminal availability and the results of the site assessment, including a security and a financial background check.

The site assessment assigns a point score based on a set of criteria in four main categories

  1. Sales Performance
  2. Retailer Commitment & Customer Service
  3. Site Presentation & Hours of Operation
  4. Business Type & Location


Once you are an Atlantic Lottery retailer, you will be subject to an ongoing assessment process. 

Ticket Lottery Retailers

As a Ticket Lottery retailer, a site would be required to sell all of our ticket lottery products, including Breakopen tickets, Scratch’n Win tickets, as well as WebCash.  Ticket Lottery retailers are required to maintain a minimum level of sales and a minimum sales ranking as compared to other retailers.  Ticket Lottery retailers are expected to sell a minimum of $60,000 per year.

Video Lottery Retailers

As a Video Lottery Retailer, a site would be required to maintain a minimum level of sales and a minimum sales ranking as compared to other Retailers.  Atlantic Lottery proactively monitors video lottery sites to identify those that could qualify for additional terminals and or low performance for terminal removal. 

Atlantic Lottery Retailer Policies have been developed with the ultimate goal of providing Atlantic Canadians with a lottery system that operates with the utmost integrity – so retailers can sell with confidence and players can play with confidence.

Compliance to all Atlantic Lottery Retailer policies is monitored through Atlantic Lottery internal systems, the investigation of customer complaints and field audits conducted by a mystery shopper.  It is important that you and your employees are knowledgeable about the policies and comply fully with them. 

Lottery Ticket Retailer Policies (pdf)

Related Party Prize Claim Policy (pdf)

Lottery Ticket Training Policy Checklist (pdf)

Nova Scotia Video Lottery Retailer Policies

New Brunswick Video Lottery Retailer Policies

Check out this section on a regular basis to read up on current lottery events, reminders and updates. Click on a link below for the complete story.

Age of Majority Reminder – CHECK ID (pdf)

Video Lottery Chair Purchase Program (NEW)

We take our retailer partnership very seriously as you are an integral part of our business. We are committed in providing you continued support and tools to help manage your lottery business.

Check out the following documents and templates that can assist you with managing lottery and training your employees:









POKER LOTTO Game Information

LOTTO 4 Check out the details

LOTTO 4 Game Information

LOTTO 4 Training Video

Retailer Training Manual (pdf)

Job Aid: GENe Lottery Terminal Maintenance – Cleaning Sensors (pdf)



Did you know, you can access lottery information on your terminal?  When on the Main Selling Screen, touch RETAILER ZONE for information on selling lottery, responsible gambling and important reminders.  For game details, press on the HELP button twice when on the Game Selling Screen to access helpful product information.



IGT GL20 Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

Spieglo Prodigi Vu Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

Aristrocrat Helix Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

Bally V22/22 Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

Responsible Gambling Training Site Instructions (pdf)


Here are the links to our training sites:

Responsible Gambling Training –

Video Lottery Online Training –


In addition to the information on this site, printed reference materials and your lottery sales representatives, we have our Customer Care Centre (CCC) ready to assist you with your lottery operations.

Remember, you will need to have your retailer name and ID number ready when calling our Customer Care Centre.

Video Lottery Retailers – call CCC at 1-800-561-4770
(Monday to Friday 7am to 12 am and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 12 am (Atlantic Time).

Ticket Lottery Retailers – call CCC at 1-800-561-7913
(Monday to Friday 7 am – 12 am and Saturday/Sunday 8 am – 12 am (Atlantic Time).

For non-urgent inquiries, please email us at Due to the high volume of inquiries, emails will be answered within 48 hours.  



Use this daily checklist to help maximize lottery sales at your location and to ensure that you are in compliance with Atlantic Lottery’s Retailer Policies related to product display, signage and merchandising.

  • Scratch’n Win Tickets are properly displayed in counter top display units.  Trays are full and display only Atlantic Lottery products.  Ticket trays should be unobstructed. Be sure not to have any merchandise on top of the tray to obstruct view of the tickets.
  • Breakopen bins are filled with loose tickets, to the Breakopen fill line.
  • All jackpot signs inside and outside of the store are updated with the current jackpot amounts.  Jackpot amounts can be found by printing a winning numbers report from your terminal.
  • Selection slip holders are stocked and well organized.
  • Promotional and POS items are up to date.
  • Winning Numbers Reports and Sports Results are printed and available for your customers.
  • Customer Display Unit and Ticket Checker are operational and clearly visible to players.
  • All Responsible Gambling, 19+, and Player Protection signage is posted in a place that is clearly visible to players.
  • The area where tickets are validated can be seen by players and is clear of other lottery products.



  • Putting the player first, in all of our operations.
  • Keeping players informed with responsible play information.
  • Ensuring all terminals feature:
    • Session notifications every 60/90/120/145 minutes;
    • Mandatory cashout after 150 minutes of continuous play;
    • Maximum deposit amount of $60 (once bank exceeds $60 the terminal will not   accept cash);
    • Responsible play tools such as time and money limit setting features;
    • A clock in the gaming area and on every terminal.
  • Ensuring only people of legal age (19+) play or redeem prizes.
  • Keeping gambling fun by:
    • Never installing an ATM or permitting 3rd party financial service in gaming area;
    • Never providing credit, credit card advances, cash cheques, or tolerating loans.
  • Paying out prizes in full when our winners present a winning cashout ticket within 365 days.
  • Maintaining a safe, regulated, and clean gaming area by performing regular maintenance on all Video Lottery Terminals.
  • Complying with all rules, polices and regulations that govern Video Lottery.


Do I really need to ask for ID if a customer looks under the age of 19?

Actually, you must ask for identification if the player looks younger than twenty-five (25) years of age to confirm that the player meets the minimum age requirement before providing lottery tickets to the customer.  Players must have reached the age of nineteen (19) to buy lottery tickets.

It’s not always easy to tell how old someone is (or isn’t), so to be sure, Atlantic Lottery recommends that you use 25 years of age as a benchmark for deciding when to ask a customer for identification.  Doing this helps to ensure that our products are only enjoyed by their intended audience – adults.

Atlantic Lottery
monitors retailer compliance to this policy. Failure to comply may result in corrective action including fees or termination of the lottery ticket retailer agreement.

What is the process for a big win by myself or a customer to get their winnings?

Retailer Win!
Any retailer or related party that claims they have won a prize of $1000 and over may be subject to an investigation and a mandatory wait period of 30 days. During the prize claim process, a retailer must report and disclose to Atlantic Lottery that they are a retailer and identify any additional related parties.  Related party means immediate family members of a retailer employee.

Customer Win!
Prizes up to $9,999
can be claimed at any branch of Scotiabank.  To claim a prize, the customer will need to present the winning ticket along with their player receipt and two pieces of identification (one being a photo ID).

Prizes of $10,000 or more must be claimed at an Atlantic Lottery office.  The customer should contact our Customer Care Center for instructions on where to claim the prize. 

For more information, please click here.


Why should I keep voided tickets?

If a mistake is made when creating a ticket, or if a customer refused to accept a ticket that has been printed, you must immediately VOID the ticket.

After accepting and paying for an On-Line Ticket, a Player can return an On-Line Ticket for a refund or exchange but only to the same Retailer where the ticket was purchased, only prior to the time of ATLANTIC LOTTERY’s system shutdown for the earliest draw for which the ticket was purchased and only on the same day on which the On-Line Ticket was issued.

Sports tickets must be voided at the selling retail location on the same day they were printed AND prior to the start of the first event.

All voided tickets along with the corresponding void slips must be kept for three months for auditing purposes. You must not buy tickets that are generated in error, or offer them for sale to other customers.


Why is the RETAILER PLAY button so important?

The RETAILER PLAY button allows Retailers and Retail employees to stamp their draw based games and sports tickets they purchase as RETAILER PLAY.

Whenever retailers or retail employees purchase draw or sports tickets at their own store or any other retailer establishment they should use the RETAILER PLAY function.  Retailer Play demonstrates that you are the rightful owner of the ticket.

Atlantic Lottery will waive the standard 30 day wait period for all retailers and retail employee wins that used RETAILER PLAY on their ticket. 


Do I need to give the Player Receipt to the customer?

The Player Receipt must be given to the customer automatically after each Customer Session.  If the customer refuses the Player Receipt it may be discarded.

Player Receipts are not required to claim prizes and will not be accepted for validation if original ticket is missing.


Why should players sign their tickets?

Never accept a ticket for validation unless it has been signed by the customer. Having players sign their ticket eliminates any dispute over the ownership or identification of the ticket once it has left their possession.  This measure is in place for the protection of retailers and retailer employees as well as players. 


Where can I find out information about Atlantic Lottery’s Ticket Lottery Retailer Policies?

It is important that you and your employees are knowledgeable about our lottery ticket retailer policies and comply fully with them.  Retailers must also ensure that all their employees know and understand the policies.  Compliance to the policies is mandatory.  Non-compliance may result in corrective and/or disciplinary action including suspension or termination of your Retailer Agreement with Atlantic Lottery. For a complete copy please click here


What happens when a ticket is validated for a prize less than $250?

When a ticket is validated for a prize of $250 or less, pay the customer the prize amount printed on the player receipt.  Return the ticket to the player along with the player receipt. 

Some retailers are authorized to pay prizes above $250.  If you are setup to pay prizes over $250, when a ticket is validated for a prize over $250 and under your maximum payout limit, you are required to pay the prize amount.  Return the ticket to the player along with the player receipt. 

When a ticket is validated for a prize over your encashment level the player receipt will say “RETAILER CANNOT PAY PRIZE”.  As indicated on the receipt, the player will need to contact Atlantic Lottery or visit for instructions on how to claim their prize. Do not pay the prize.  Give the player receipt and the winning ticket to the player.


Prizes up to $9,999 can be claimed at any branch of Scotiabank.  To claim their prize the customer will need to present two pieces of identification, one being a photo ID. Give the player receipt and the winning ticket to the player.

Prizes of $10,000 or more must be claimed at an office of Atlantic Lottery. The customer should contact our Customer Care Center for instructions on where to claim the prize. Give the player receipt and the winning ticket to the player.

For more information, please click here.


Where can I find a list of top prizes remaining?

To check out Top Prizes remaining on Scratch’N Win games, simply click here.  You will see a listing of Scratch’N Win games and their top prize availability.


What is the process if the terminal goes down while I am processing or checking tickets and one of the tickets is a winner?

Call our Customer Care Center immediately to see if the transaction registered. If after hours, give the ticket back to the player and ask them to call Customer Care during our service hours.



What is the red envelope on my iLINK screen?

The iLINK lets you receive mail or important messages from Atlantic Lottery.  Access them from the Home Screen by selecting the Envelope button on the toolbar.  A red envelope indicates a new message has not been opened.

Once the Envelope is selected, press Special Message or System News to show the content.  Red text indicates that the message has not been opened.


Why should I compare the Cash Flow Today and End of Day Cash Flow reports the next morning?

To ensure accuracy of your reports, we suggest you wait approximately 15 minutes after the last cashout ticket has been validated before printing the Cash Flow Today Report.­­

To avoid surprises and unexpected charges, you should compare the night’s Cash Flow Today Report with the next morning’s End of Day Cash Flow Report to make sure they are identical. 


It is recommended to print off the next morning’s End of Day Cash Flow Report for the following reasons:

  • Financials do not get picked up from a terminal(s) due to a malfunction and/or loss of communication,
  • At the time of closing, financials from the terminals do not have enough time to allow for them to be uploaded to the central reporting system. 


Cash Flow Today:  Selecting the Cash Flow button provides a snapshot of the daily financial history of each VLT in the gaming site. This report provides the cash in amount, cash out, count, the amount of the validated tickets and the total amount that may be charged.


End of Day Cash Flow:   Provides a snapshot of the previous day’s financial history of each VLT in the gaming site, by selecting the date. It also displays the number of validated tickets within the gaming site. Note: this report is available on the ilink for one full year. The date range arrows can be used to select the report date needed. When these reports from Sunday to Saturday are added together, the amounts will match the invoice exactly (excluding any adjustments).


Remember to keep cashout tickets for 30 days – just in case we may need them for accounting purposes.


How can I reprint a cash out ticket from a video lottery terminal?

Note – only the last cash out ticket can be directly reprinted from a video lottery terminal.

If it is required to validate a ticket that did not print out properly, or physically cash out, please contact Atlantic Lottery’s Customer Care Department for further assistance.


Last Cash Out Reprint Instructions by Terminal Type:

Bally V22/22:

Open belly door ( bottom door only)

Turn audit key

  1. Press [HISTORY]


Spielo Prodigi Vu:

  1. Turn audit key
  2. Open Main Door
  3. Press [HISTORY]
  4. Press [TICKETS OUT]
  5. Press [PRINT LAST CASHOUT] situated bottom of screen



Turn the audit key

  1. Open the main door to activate the option to reprint the last cashout ticket
  2. On the main screen, press [SUPPORT] and [LAST VOUCHER REPRINT]

Aristocrat Helix:

  1. Insert audit key and open the main door.
  2. Select Logs page.
  3. Select Voucher Out tab.
  4. Make sure the ticket you need is Highlighted
  5. Select Reprint.

*Voucher out reprint requires the main door to be opened.

Retailers should put the player's name, address and phone number on the back of the reprinted ticket and have the player sign it and keep the signed reprint ticket and validation receipt for one year for their protection.


How can I reprint validation receipts that did not print properly?

  1. On the i-LINK – Select [VALIDATION REPRINT]
  2. Select the terminal number, and then touch the green arrow on the bottom
  3. Highlight the ticket amount
  4. The Cash Out Slip Details will appear then select [PRINT] on the bottom of the screen
  5. If the Cash Out Slip Details are not showing up on your screen, try signing off/on i-LINK. If the Details still cannot be viewed on the screen, power reset the  i-LINK ****reminder, if anyone is playing they will get cashed out****

Another way to reprint validation receipt: Scan ticket again and message should be that it is already validated then press print symbol at the bottom of the screen.

*reprints do not appear exactly the same as the original


What happens when bills don’t register credits after bill is inserted?

  1. Take note of the time this happened.
  2. Do a power reset to the terminal to see if credits register after the power comes back on.
  3. Check the terminal’s game history (turning the audit key), and bills in history, to see if the last game reflects the time and last bill amount inserted. Basically, you’re confirming that the bill did/did not register for the player.
  4. If the bill still has not registered, print out the Cash Flow report from the i-LINK (scanner) and take the cash out of terminal. The Cash In on the Cash Flow Report should match the amount of actual cash from terminal. If there is an overage in actual cash compared to what the Cash Flow Report is stating, and this is the same amount the customer claims they did not get credited for, then this bill can be returned to player.


How do I power reset (turn off/on) a video lottery terminal?

When power resetting video lottery terminals, wait 10-30 seconds before powering the terminal back on. Never do multiple power resets as this could delay the terminal from booting up. The GL20s typically take 25 minutes to reboot.  Powering off and on the terminal too quickly could cause the terminal to lock up.


What do I need to do when I receive Voucher Errors or Note Acceptor errors on a terminal?

Voucher Errors on terminal screen refer to a printer error. Check to ensure printer is loaded properly and that there are no paper jams. Retailers may need to reload printer with a new pack of tickets.

A Single Note Acceptor Error on any terminal’s screen refers to an issue with the Bill Validator and/or Acceptor. Check for jams in both the Bill Acceptor and Bill Validator.


Where can I find terminal troubleshooting information?

Check out for all things video lottery – 24 hours a day on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Whether you need to find game specific information, that lever to open the top door of the Bally or need some accounting and reporting help, it’s all here for your easy reference.  From training info to paper jams, from maintenance guides to myth busters, this is your owner’s handbook.




Your customers MUST BE 19+ to purchase, play or redeem lottery products.

A retail location could get charged a fee of $500 or $1000 for selling to minors. 

CHECK ID when a player looks under the age of 25.

How to play LOTTO 4