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Lottery Subscriptions

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Never miss another draw — buy subscriptions for all of your favourite lotto games.   

Top questions asked:

  • Anyone who doesn't want to miss a draw

  • Anyone who chooses their own numbers (subscription remembers your numbers) - or you can Insta Pik.

  • Those who don't want to miss draws while travelling.
  • Choose a Lotto/Draw game

  • When purchasing your favourite LOTTO/draw game, make sure you select  “Make it a subscription”

  • You can also subscribe to games in your shopping cart during the checkout process

  • You can choose your payment options – no credit card required

  • Enter your preferred payment option.  

  • You will  be notified via email when you create your subscription and each time payments are processed.

  • Watch the "How to Subscribe" video on this page.
  • No credit card required

  • You can use your “wallet” in your  account which can be funded by WebCash, Interac e-Transfer, Credit Card or EBP (Electronic Bill Payment) from your bank.

  • We will notify you if anything stops the credit card from processing (for example, if the card has expired and you need to update the card in your account)

  • Subscription will automatically renew every 4 weeks – no need to do anything after the first time you subscribe (You need to keep your wallet funded or keep your credit card current.)
  • You can make changes to your subscriptions at any time through the “My Subscriptions” area under “My Account”.  

  • Any changes you make will be applied to the next 4 week cycle.
  • You can change your payment method at any time in “My Account”.

  • Go to “My Wallet” click on “Payment Preferences” and select “use for subscriptions” on your preferred payment type.  
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time through the “My Subscriptions” area under “My Account”. 

  • The cancellation will be applied to the next 4 week  cycle (i.e. you won’t be billed 4 weeks from the previous time you were billed).

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